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Henselite Stick-E-Cloth

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Henselite Stick-E-Cloth

The Henselite Stick-E-Cloth is a grip enhancement cloth, designed to assist you to hold and control your bowl in wet, humid, cold or sweaty conditions. The inbuilt grip provided by the cloth eliminates slipping and re-gripping of the bowl.

If you find yourself unable to easily hold your bowl in your hand, applying the surface of this sticky cloth to your hand can assist you to grip your bowl more easily and with less strain on your hand, wrist and fingers.

Directions for use:

Press the Henselite Stick-E-Cloth onto your hand or glove to apply a light tackiness. Press harder for more grip. To keep your cloth fresh and performing at its best, ensure your Stick-E-Cloth remains in its resealable, reusable bag.

Each pack contains one sticky lawn bowls cloth.

Alternatives to the Henselite Stick-E-Cloth include the Henselite Polishing Cloth and a grip such as Wilgrip or Champion Spray.