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The Bowling Arm - Palm Release

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The Bowling Arm 

Approved by Bowls Australia the bowlers arms is designed to assist a bowler who cannot continue to bowl without the aid of the artificial device and can be used in any competition within Australia.

Typically they are used where a person has hip/knee complaints which restrict their ability to bend down to deliver the bowl correctly.

Construction is in Marine grade alloy with polyester coating.
The Bowling Arm is produced with thumb or palm release & comes in four different lengths. The lengths are wheelchair, short, medium & long.

The table below demostrates the dimensions of the available sizes.
Bowling Arm Barrel Lengths
Wheel Chair 170mm
Short 385mm Bowlers Height: 5' to 5'6" tall
Medium 445mm Bowlers Height: 5'6" to 6' tall
Long 515mm Bowlers Height: 6' & taller
The Bowling Arm is also available in a range of colours. Call or Email for available range.