Griptinite (Formerly Dry Hands)

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GRIPTINITE is an entirely new formula that utilises the latest technology in grip performance. To ensure your safety at all times, we’ve used only the highest quality ingredients specifically designed to beat rain, humidity, sweat and body oils. Our unique anti-gelling solution means there is zero waste and you get the maximum performance out of every application.

And best of all, GRIPTINITE is ready to work when you are with its instant activation; so you’ll never be left on the sideline again!

A magical solution doesn’t happen overnight. That is why we have spent six years testing our product with professionals and hobbyists across physical activities that need it most. As a result, our advanced liquid solution is non-sticky, long-lasting and is everything you’ve been asking for. Now it’s your turn to discover the true power of grip.

“This is the grip I’ve been waiting for! Not only does it dry the sweat out of your palms, but it also provides a slightly sticky grip — which I love. I haven’t used a product before that equally does both. Not only that, but it’s a great consistency and it lasts, so I don’t feel like I need to re-apply as often as other grips."

Made In Australia, by the same company which brought us DRY HANDS