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Drake's Pride Conquest Size 4 : Non-Gripped

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Drake's Pride


Size 4

Non Gripped


A good all rounder with a kind draw to the jack.  These bowls are in good conditionwith general wear and tear only. 

Drake's Prides CONQUEST:

The CONQUEST is a mid-range bowl which has a trajectory that possesses extraordinary accuracy on all types of green surfaces offering predictability together with a flat finishing line.

Suited to all types of greens & all green speeds the CONQUEST is the complete all round bowl. 

It stability & predictability along with a flat finish that holds a consistent line on weighted shots will have you playing like never before.

Features Include and are not limited to comprise of:

- Innovative technology engineered to suit all Australian conditions.

- Consistent & reliable line designed to perform well on all speeds of greens and for players in any position.

- Suitable for all types of grass & synthetic greens

- Excellent reaction in Windy Conditions

- Unique optimum shape & comfortable feel in the hand

- Possesses the ability to draw around or under short bowls, yet still hold a great line with weighted shots