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Aero Optima 4H Solar Flare: ENHANCED GRIP

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AERO Optima

Colour : Solar Flare


Size 4H



Developing a new grip using AI and our world champion bowlers we now have the most advanced grip ever made for lawn bowls..we have called it the Enhance Grip. 

Bowlers are acutely aware that the awkward shape of a bowl makes it difficult to hold. Other manufacturers simply drilled holes into the bowl for the grip.

Aero with their advanced robotic machinery made grips far more sophisticated with the Z Scoop becoming the number one seller in bowls.

Now, we at Aero have gone further:

Aero spent over 9 months developing the Enhance Grip….and the results speak for themselves.

  1. The bowl feels considerably smaller…even though they are not.
  2. The grip allows the bowler to hold the bowl so evenly the wobble on delivery is virtually eliminated.
  3. The bowler can go up 1 to 2 sizes with ease.

Using our Robots we have shaped the grip so the wind does not get “stuck” on the grip.

We have sloped the grip so that the thumb and fingers fall into the advanced shaped grip.

Enhance is the future in grips.

Made in Australia in our robotic factory, designed and tested World Wide for all conditions and greens.

We are confident Aero’s Enhance Grip will make a significant difference to improving your grassing, weight control and your confidence when delivering.



A premium model designed to be used by any Bowler whether a novice or world champion.

Suitable for all manner of grass or artificial greens faster than 12 seconds.

Engineered for stability while playing in the varying conditions found during a game.

The Optima has become Australia's and New Zealand's premium model.

Used by Karen Murphy, Brett Wilkie, Alex Marshall and Kelvin Kerkow, to name just a few of the hundreds of Champions that have won using an Optima.

Major benefits.

Bowlers that prefer a wider draw-line (but not old fashioned wide) that is forgiving yet accurate and will allow the bowl to go around or under any bowl on the green to gain the shot.

Alex Marshall says:  "The Optima for me is an excellent draw bowl with the breeze or against it.